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What is MusicMi?
MusicMi partnered with MusicSOL (MusicSOL is an online Music conservatory program) in order to cater to yours specific needs.
For whom?
This program started with the intention to provide financial assistance to qualifying families for music education. Since its inception, we have successfully assisted over 500 students.
Why choose MusicMi?
MusicMi was conceptualized to provide every human being with access to a proper music education.
Join 500+ Students
At MusicMi we believe that you deserve to receive the best music education possible without needing to take any loans. In 2021, we founded MusicSOL, and ever since, it has been a pleasure to provide students with the utmost seamless experience in learning music online. Due to the accumulative fees that incur with taking private music lessons, we have realized there is a true need to provide some assistance to families in need.
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MusicMi is free for students 4-18.
We offer classes for every instrument plus Music Theory.
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We have Partnered with MusicSOL to provide the best possible music program available online. Through this program you will receive:

  • Private One-on-One music lessons
  • Group music theory classes
  • Seasonal recitals
  • Interactive community of young musicians
  • Certificate program
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